Wilderness Survival, Copenhagen (2015)

Solo-exhibition, book launch and performance at X AND BEYOND, Copenhagen, Denmark


This exhibition was made on the occasion of the book release of Wilderness Survival – A guide to the aesthetics of Survivalism together with a three days program on figures, aesthetics and mythologies of surviving in the wilderness way beyond the safe net of civilisation.


Thursday 6-9: Drinks and visuals followed by Anna Bak, Daniel Keller and Søren Thilo Funder in conversation on Ted Kaczynski aka The UNA bomber. Moderated by Jacob Lillemose.

Friday 2-5: Screening of Nightfall (2012) by James Benning.

Saturday 3-8: Booklaunch of "Wilderness Survival. A Guide to the Aesthetics of Survivalism" and a performance reading by Anna Bak.

X AND BEYOND is a Non-profit project space for art and popular culture, dealing with the significance of disasters.