The Search party (2016)

Video work


Video. Duration: 27:35 min. 

The movie consists of visual film-shots from different landscapes I travelled through in the previous 6 months. The voice over is taken from interviews between participants of Capacete institute and myself. CAPACETE is a non profit art space which instigates contemporary thought through its more than 17 years of continuous programing as a research residency institution. The interviews was individual personal conversations I did with each one, about traveling, observing, experiencing, working, adapting and re-adapting to different places. Where and what is home. What is an artist residency, what is the benefits from being on a residency and could the local environment experience any political, social or cultural problematics connected to a artist residency. 
The video ends with a the image of myself alone in the Atacama desert, spelling out with semaphore flags: I WILL FIND A PLACE.


Link to video on Vimeo:

with Portuguise subtitles: