Monster (2013)

Window installation, exhibeted at "demo-room" at Gallery Image in Aarhus, Denmark.


When anxiety becomes too elusive, we make it into fiction. The Monster arise because we need to make the fear specific, therefore it will be converted to a non human being. Monsters have often reflected a social fear; From when Frankenstein created his monster through chemistry and modern electricity, which suggests the moral, that we should not play God, because what we create, can turn against us. Up to todays zombies, unconscious dragging bodies, reflecting mass society, where individuality is in danger. The monster occurs only as a fictional objectifying of our fears. What we see is what we fear. The word “monster” arrises from the Latin Moneo: to show, to point out to warn, like the word demonstrate meaning showing something.
In the work "Monster" we see a partially blocked window. Through the boards, we can discern a room with indefinable objects.  Like the monster in the closet, it becomes the viewer's own fear, causing the monster, based on what can not be seen.