FSC BATTLE#6 - G.ON.E. (2019)

Exhibition in collaboration with Joseph Flynn (AU) at Future Suburban Contemporary, Brønshøj, Denmark


The bodies of Hu/man extend into the voids of future collapses, where we are lost to the echoes of pollution, hunger, food genetics and industrial post-revolutions cries of consume. We go out and return to the basic, the rural, the real and stick our hands into the ground.

Joseph Flynn (living in Australia) will together with Anna Bak (Denmark) engage in the 6th Art BATTLE in Future Suburban Contemporary. At FSC they will plan, collaborate, fight and execute an experiment, a social/art exchange and create the final show together with FSC. 

Joseph and Anna sharing the same field of interest in the post apocalyptic prepper/survivalist structures of contemporary living. They work both within this investigation and interacting with the materials and its strange worlds of survival in the heavy times of now. Back to the basic, into the weird, lives of micro collectives opens up, just two clicks away. A world where we are all connected and in safe distance to avoid contact. They both converts this into their own artistic language of the contemporary art. Out in the suburban villa area of Brønshøj they will work closely and exchange their thoughts and skills to, in the end, become one voice. A play of pre planned works becoming part of the context, where the space and its surroundings might echoing into the finalisation, and exchanges of common ground. Here new ideas and plans will create a new base for their works to interact and to become something third. Since they both share some of the same base of interests, but living on two sides of the planet, FSC wanted to create the path and place for them to get into IRL (In Real Life) engagement.


The title G.ON.E. refers to variable acronyms; Go ON Evolution, Glorification ON Emergency, and GONE as an action, a disappearance and refusal of the current situation.

FSC - Future Suburban Contemporary

is a exhibition platform based in Copenhagen, Denmark making collaborations and exhibiting emerging artists from everywhere and nowhere. Each show are planned as various forms of cooperation between FSC and the participators. A way to create group dynamics that fits to the format, space, time, mind and concept. To execute together and apart.

curated by FSC / Jens Ivar Kjetså (NO)


As part of the exhibition BATTLE #6 G.ON.E., the artists developed a 32-page catalogue together with FSC on the topics of survivalism. Download a free PDF version of the catalogue here:

FSC BATTLE#6 - G.ON.E. Catalogue