Cabin -in The Woods (2012)

Permanent sculpture at Skovsnogen Art-space


Installation, size; 320 x 240 cm, variable materials

my graduate work “Cabin” from Funen Art Academy has been re-imagined as a permanent sculpture in Skovsnogen. The originally cabin, which was displayed at Brandts art museum, had an interior that pointed to the different ideas behind living in solitude in nature: is it a romantic idea of nature as a spiritual retreat or is it a political response to our sometimes violent technological development?
Now the Cabin has been allowed to get out of the museum space and even stand in nature. The new interior with a beech tree that shoots up through the cabin floor and grow through the roof and the slightly bizarre hunting cabin objects in the cabin gives the feeling that nature has taken over the cabin. This image of a cabin in the woods, creates reminiscent of the interaction between nature and humans. How close can we get to nature? Is this a form of fusion with nature, or have the tree taken over civilization attempts to habitate the woods?
In the work "cabin-in the woods" I recycled wood from approx. 100 euro-pallets. The pallets with their industrial applications, literal as the bottom of the globalizing market, returns with the work to their origin in the forest.

For the preview show December 16th, we invited musician Niels Svensson from the band "The cynic". The music was both borrowed and Niels´s own compositions, new and old songs with inspiration from the American and British folklore.

see video from the opening here

Projektet er støttet af Statens Kunstråd
The project is supported by the Danish Art Council