Animated Matter (2021)

Open-air group exhibition at La Dépendance, St. Imier (CH)


Group exhibition curated by Mathis Pfäffli
Including works by Lisa Lurati, Manuel Schneider,  Matheline Marmy,
Micha Zweifel, Hammer Band (Raphael Stucky/Res Thierstein) and Anna Bak

The exhibition showed works in the outdoor area surrounding La Dépendance, a small secluded and primitive cottage that forms the center of an artist-in-residency place in St. Imier, Schwitzerland. I had the pleasure of being at a 2-moth residency at La Dépendance in the summer of 2021. The work i choose to present at the Animated Exhibition was made during my residency. It is a site-specific installation of branches attached to the already existing outdoor construction in front of the cottage. The branches forms two big looms, on which I spent days weaving strings of textile and grass from the surrounding fields, to form these two images.

The images are depicting the sun/moon and an hourglass. The time spend in a place, the time spend fulfilling a task, the time materialized in lines, repetitive actions, in and out, back and forth between the strings holding the structure around you together, keep weaving, don't fall. 


For more information about the exhibition see HERE