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Podcast project - KUNSTEN PÅ KANTEN

KUNSTEN PÅ KANTEN (ART ON THE EDGE) is a podcast series in 4 episodes, examining 4 different art-platforms, which got published on the Danish art-website IDOART.DK in April 2020.

Link to the podcast series: https://www.idoart.dk/kunsten-paa-kanten

 The title is referring to both art projects taking place in the periphery and art in a tense situation. The purpose of the podcast is to generate knowledge and awareness of contemporary art platforms in the periphery and discuss how they individually relate to their local context and to the general political discourse of founding distribution and the center-periphery debate of Denmark.

Each episode focuses on a specific art platform situated on the North-West coast of Jutland, the episodes are built up around interviews with the people who are part of the organization or administration of the individual platforms, or in other ways connected to them.

The interviews and editing process was done by myself, with additionally consulting help and sound editing from former podcast and radio-producer at Radio 24syv and currently board member of Center for Podcasting, Kim G. Hansen.


The four episodes are individually based on the following four art platforms:

ET4U, Nees

Vestjyllands Kunstpavillon, Videbæk

SMK THY, Doverodde

Country Town / Hygum kunstmuseum, Lemvig


The project is supported by The Danish Art Foundation 


Additionally, I wrote an article, in Danish, tying the topic of the podcast to the current COVID-19 situation and the cultural policy, which got published on Idoart.dk in May 2020. Link to article: https://www.idoart.dk/blog/hvad-har-pandemi-politik-og-provins-puljer-at-goere-med-hinanden