HFKD - ”Og tiden kjenner ingen grenser, den bare fører seg frem.” (2017)

Solo-exhibition by Nils Elvebakk Skalegård (N) at HFKD, Holstebro (DK)



The exhibition at House of Art and Design is Skalegård's first danish solo exhibition. The exhibition consists of 10 new big paintings made special for the spaces of HFKD, and a collection of sculptures. In his works, Skalegård is investigating subjects as time, impermanence, historic layers and symbolic constructions. Skalegård is mixing traditional motives and painting techniques with modern abstractions and everyday objects. Skalegård is also a musician and beside the exhibition he has also released a vinyl for the occasion of the solo-show. Muskattnøtvinden consists of songs written and played by Skalegård himself.  The music and artworks refers back to each other with lyrics and titles that comments on the struggle of everyday living and time passing without our control, as seen in the title of the exhibition, also the title of the first track o the vinyl, which roughly can be translated as ”And time knows no limits, its just progressing forward”.

NILS ELVEBAKK SKALEGÅRD (b. 1983) is educated from Bergen Art Academy (BFA 2011), with exchange year at Jutland Art Academy, Århus (2010) and Valand Art Academy, Gothenburg (MFA 2013). Skalegård lives and works in Copenhagen.

More information At: http://www.neontears.com

Photos: Jonas Søgaard, Søgaardfilm.

Poster/catalogue design: Alexis Mark

Catalogue as digital reader/PDF for free download:



The contemporary art exhibition program at HFKD is kindly supported by:

The Danish Art Council

Færch Fonden

Holstebro Kommune

Dansk Talentakademi