3 solo-exhibitions at HFKD, Holstebro (DK)


22.02.2019 - 31.03.2019 

3 x solo is the new exhibition concept for the curated 2-year program of contemporary art for HFKD. The program runs from 2019-2020 and consists of 4 annual exhibition rounds, 3 of these consists of 3 parallel running solo exhibitions, either by a single artist or artist group. The solo exhibitions are presented in the 3 divided perimeters of HFKD; the cinema/ upper floor, Hall 1 and Hall 2.



PENGESPEKULATION (Money-speculation) is a design-anropological collective established in 2016 consisting of interaction designer Johanne Aarup Hansen, visual designer Asmus Lauridsen, ethnologist Pernille Gøtz and visual anthropologist Jack Jones. The group is engaged in research and experimentation with the world of money and economics in the border between design, anthropology and art.

With their exhibition PENGEFIKTIONER (Money Fiction), the group preliminarily concludes their specific focus on and travel into the marvelous, mythical, political and technological world of money. For three years, the group has studied money as a man-made phenomenon, which has historically and currently taken various forms.

The spirited object

Kasper Kjeldgaard is a trained furniture designer. He is aware of how objects can move us closer to an understanding of the nature surrounding us. The fundamental preconditions for our physical world's cohesion, such as weighting, rotation, and friction, become in Kasper's objects a poetic consideration of what design is and the distinction between the abstract and the functional.

For the exhibition The spirited object, Kasper shows both new and older works, which in different ways relate to the more mythical and spiritual dimensions of the world, and the aesthetic in objects that relates to this sphere.


The Lumumba system

Javier Tapia is a visual artist and lives and works in Copenhagen. Tapia is originally from Chile, but has lived in Denmark since 2002. Tapia's artistic pracsis is moving between several media; installation, sculpture, video, photography, sound, text and interventions. Tapia works on the basis of an extensive interest in cultural structures.

The art project Lumumba System is an exhibition designed specifically for the premises of HFKD. The title of the project is inspired by the iconic anti-colonial leader and first legally democratically elected President of the Republic of Congo; Patrice Lumumba (1925-1961).


Poster and catalog designed by ALEXIS MARK
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The contemporary art exhibition program at HFKD is kindly supported by:

The Danish Art Council

Den Obelske Familiefond

Færch Fonden

Holstebro Kommune

Dansk Talentakademi