3 solo-exhibitions at HFKD, Holstebro (DK)


24.05. – 30.06.2019 

3 x solo is the new exhibition concept for the curated 2-year program of contemporary art for HFKD. The program runs from 2019-2020 and consists of 4 annual exhibition rounds, 3 of these consists of 3 parallel running solo exhibitions, either by a single artist or artist group. The solo exhibitions are presented in the 3 divided perimeters of HFKD; the cinema/ upper floor, Hall 1 and Hall 2.

Rite of Hydra

MORBLOD (Mother Blood) is an artist-duo consisting of Ida Lunden and Carina Lin Sixten. Their practice takes shape after a visual and material conversation that examines various conditions in which the human body is involved. Through MORBLOD they produce works in various media such as video, graphic print and sculptures. Their solo exhibition 'Rite of Hydra' at House of Arts and Design (HFKD) consisted of a live performance at the opening, an installation with sound, a video work and a number of graphic prints.

The exhibition is based on water. Water is a fluid, changing, and moving material. We all consist of a large percentage of water and it can flow from one body to another and thus be what connects us all. The works in the exhibition is challenging the notion of human bodies as isolated, autonomous and closed, instead they are focusing on how water makes us entangled with each other, through our bodies across time and space. 

Inscriptions onto entropy

Marianne Skaarup Jakobsen works with abstract sculpture. Her practice explores the material and examines how surfaces can contaminate and leave traces. A common line of interest in the works is studies of phenomena as time, memory, entropy, archiving, freezing, destruction and construction. In a sense, Jacobsen's practice is reminiscent to that of an archaeologist's or conservator's cautious work on sensing what lies beneath the surface, either by exposing or restoring.

The works in this exhibition deals with notions of language while at the same time they seem to repel the language. The exhibition Inscriptions onto Entropy consists of sheets of paper embedded in plaster blocks. A result of a desire to make the drawing a physical, material, architectural size by allowing time and objects to be stored in the paper. 

Choir of movement

Claus Haxholm is a trained visual artist and self-taught musician. In his practice, he mainly works with combining these two interests for sound art, ie. Works of art that explore and play with our perception of sound. Despite this definition, several of Haxholm's works are often completely silent, for a particular interest of his, is to play with the audience's own ability to imagine sound.


For the exhibition entitled Choir of Movement at HFKD, Haxholm has produced new works that take a poetic point of departure in the title's main points; the choir and movement. In this case, the “choir” consists of a series of works that in their own way become “voices” in the way they are shaped and of the material they are made of, a collection of potential voices and sounds. The exhibition explores what our imaginations are capable of and how we can use it to become aware of the hidden sounds and movements that exist in our everyday lives.


Poster and catalog designed by ALEXIS MARK
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The contemporary art exhibition program at HFKD is kindly supported by:

The Danish Art Council

Den Obelske Familiefond

Færch Fonden

Holstebro Kommune

Dansk Talentakademi