3 solo-exhibitions at HFKD, Holstebro (DK)


17.01. - 23.02.2020

3 x solo is the new exhibition concept for the curated 2-year program of contemporary art for HFKD. The program runs from 2019-2020 and consists of 4 annual exhibition rounds, 3 of these consists of 3 parallel running solo exhibitions, either by a single artist or artist group. The solo exhibitions are presented in the 3 divided perimeters of HFKD; the cinema/ upper floor, Hall 1 and Hall 2.



Everything is just peachy in Here

 Astrid Marie Christiansen's practice is based on painting. Christiansen plays with the shape of the frame with a theatrical and humorous approach. Her paintings often move beyond the traditional square frame and the 2-dimensional expression. In this way Christiansen constantly tests the boundaries of when a painting ceases to be a painting and to a greater extent becomes a sculpture. With the exhibition at HFKD, Christiansen herself has stated that she will take advantage of the opportunity to challenge her own artistic practice. Therefore, the exhibition has an investigative and curious expression, added a humorous feature.



Tough Living

 In his practice, Worm works extensively with sculpture, objects and painting. At the beginning of the 19th century Holstebro was surrounded by heather fields, since then it has changed into a cultivated landscape in the form of agricultural land and plantations with scattered pockets of heather field. Worm's exhibition, Tough Living, is based on the heather field as a cultural phenomenon, as nature and as a basis for the life of humans, animals and plants. The heather field was and is still a hard place to live, both for humans, animals and plants, but at the same time a place that has given birth to mysticism, legends and folk songs. This has been the starting point for a number of new works Worm has been working on specifically for this exhibition.



All Things Will Burst Into Atoms

Michael Würtz Overbeck often works with built-in spaces and passages, which provide a framework for works spanning from drawings, objects, sculptures, video and light works. Central to his practice is the confrontation with the perishability of life, which becomes a motive for a search for meaning and coherence in existence. With the exhibition ‘All Things Will Burst Into Atoms’, Michael Würtz Overbeck unfolds an existential exhibition that with insistence and sacred seriousness, takes on the topic of life and death and the massive burden of existence. The exhibition depicts a tale of loneliness, about the time, loss and deprivation of the deceased and the realization of the disappearance of everything.


Poster and catalog designed by ALEXIS MARK
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The contemporary art exhibition program at HFKD is kindly supported by:

The Danish Art Council

Den Obelske Familiefond

Færch Fonden

Holstebro Kommune

Dansk Talentakademi